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Each year in France there are an average of 1 attempted burglary every 90 seconds. The majority of these burglaries occur in broad daylight, in the absence or consent of their owners. Protecting yourself is as easy as installing an alarm system to your house.

Security alarm installation

A burglary can cause serious trauma to some individuals, in addition to the financial loss. A keypad, an armoured door or even a pet are some of the best ways to protect your home. However, these solutions come with their limitations. Installing an alarm is the best Secure solution. It is possible for the owner to travel, or to take a vacation in peace. You can even control your system remotely from your smartphone, as some of the systems are connected to smartphones.


Home alarm

Home alarm installed !



For deterrent effects, install an alarm

A home alarm system can not only make you feel safer but it also deters burglary attempts. Burglars are seeking ease and alarms can be a problem that could cause them to lose their tempers. Alarms can also be activated to alert neighbors and security centers, or the police. Editor’s Choice: The Somfy alarm for your home. The Somfy range is our choice. This range offers different levels of protection with different types of motion detectors. These alarm systems can be installed and used easily. The individual solution to your home security and protection is the installation of an alarm system. Security Alarm is the best option.

Just as the air conditionning system, a home alarm makes your life easier et lighter. Thanks to this, you will be less stressed and panicked.

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