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Order your custom made furniture for a unique touch

The furniture industry giants offer low price MDF furniture to furnish our homes, but this has one huge downside: these are pieces that are not original, that are common and that are not one-of-a-kind. Have you thought about custom made furniture in order to add a personal and unique touch? (more…)

Decoration & DIY: The copper tendency

As I recently changed the decoration of my room, I wanted to share with you some deco and DIY ideas using my new favourite colour: Copper ! (more…)

Customise your carpet: cost-saving with DIY

DIY, or Do It Yourself, allows those who wish to personalise their home to create wonders: curtains, décor, anything…even rugs! In this article, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to customise your rugs to your taste.  Here’s how to create a trendy, customised carpet with DIY! (more…)