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A warm and welcoming home must be well decorated. It is therefore important to know how to choose functional and original design elements. Here is my exhaustive list of the 13 must-have decorative items for your home.

The vase: the essential decorative element

A vase

The vase is the perfect decorative element to enhance your home

Generally seen as a container suitable for highlighting the splendour of a bouquet of flowers, the vase can also be an exceptional decorative piece. Models drawn from modern art come with a futuristic air, unprecedented transparency or a mix of attractive colours for a sophisticated design.

Those inspired by ancient times feature classic styles, sometimes with vibrant colours and jug shapes. Crystal vases brighten up your living room. Carved in exceptionally artistic patterns, these ornamental objects magnify the furniture while bringing a clean look to your home.

The collection of vases on is made up of elegant and refined models that can enhance any interior style. If you want to add a radiant touch to your home, we recommend you take a look.

An elegant bowl to enhance your centrepiece

The cup decorates the dining table to better welcome guests or simply to give a sublime style to the room. Golden, silver, printed or even sculpted, the designs are endless when it comes to this kind of ornamental object.

More imposing than classic vases, it can hold a bunch of long stems of artificial berries or a beautiful, uniform and well-stocked bouquet of roses, drawing a beautiful clump at the top. The bowl can be made of glass, brass, gold copper or silver. You choose what best suits your interior style.

A refined pocket divider to hold your personal belongings

Often placed on the entrance console, the pocket divider is a practical and indispensable decorative accessory. If you are a fan of DIY, you will certainly find ideas for a paper Mache pocket divider for your keys and other personal items. All you have to do is make sure your creation becomes an asset to your interior decoration.

But don’t miss out on the refined models of the great designers, with a refined look worthy of a dream home. In the shape of a small hollow plate or geometric, with a mix of shimmering colours, this design accessory will enhance your furniture.

Sculptures to dress up the space effectively

A decorative sculpture

A decorative sculpture can fill the space of a room in an aesthetic way

Sculptures are the perfect solution to a rather cold atmosphere. Find the model that fits your interior style in a selection of decorative objects from renowned designers. Create harmony in your space by choosing sculptures of the right size.

For example, choose a designer statuette to avoid cluttering your small space. If you have a large house, an imposing decorative object will magnify your interior. And for special events, you can decorate the house with miniature sculptures in tinted crystal (lovebirds or doves for Valentine’s Day, Father Christmas or snowflakes for Christmas…).

Plants, to bring a little life into your home!

Allow plants in your living space for more freshness. Put a bunch of mini-vases of succulents on top of your cupboard or on the inside of your window sills. These greens are easy to care for and grow well both indoors and outdoors.

It is also possible to create original decorations by planting part of your ceiling. This idea is reserved for large spaces. Otherwise, plant an indoor palm tree or a fern in a clay pot. In addition to making your room look more beautiful, these plants also purify the air.

Photo frames to display your best memories

Photo frames are a classic in home décor. They are seen as signatures that authenticate your interior design, and therefore included in the selection of must-have items. Your story, the joyful moments you had the chance to experience, the encounters you made are told through these decorations.

Photo frames can be placed on your sideboard, on your designer shelves or hung as wall decorations all along your interior staircase. These are the types of objects that will have sentimental value for you.

Books to show your love of reading

Decorative books

Decorative books are a way to demonstrate your culture while enhancing your decoration

In addition to the intellectual wealth they provide, books make for ingenious interior decoration. You can, of course, display your finest collection of encyclopaedias, history, politics, psychology or economics books. Remember that your guests define your personality through your reading preferences.

Be proud of your knowledgeable character. Given the variety of books, you can have them in every room of the house (bedroom, kitchen, office, living room, hallway and even the toilet). Of course, they should be well arranged for better presentation.

Candles for a warm atmosphere

Apart from the statuette, the candle also makes your home warm. This decorative object is available in scented and coloured models to give you a feeling of well-being. For a successful decoration, candles of different sizes are offered with design candle holders.

Arrange them to adorn your bedside in the bedroom, your bathroom console or your living room to rekindle the romance. Or use them to embellish the dining table for intimate dinners or festive events. Your guests will definitely be charmed by the welcoming look of your home.

Candle holders to vary the lighting modes

For the home, the candle jar is an excellent transmitter of soft atmosphere. This decorative accessory is appreciated for its diversity of design. Designers can even customise them to give your home a special touch.

Ideally placed in the bedroom, the candle jar diffuses its reflections on the walls and soothes you with its moderate lighting. There are also more cheerful models, with flashy coloured lights.

A candlestick for a classic touch to your decor

A candlestick

A candlestick brings a luxurious touch to your home decoration

As well as light fittings, candlesticks also make a sparkling decoration. They can be placed on a chest of drawers in the bedroom for a rustic design, or in the living room on a modern console. These objects emphasise a luxurious style, thanks to their pure look and their shiny appearance. In the same style, many people choose a crystal candlestick which is just as elegant and luxurious as the candlestick.

Brushed gold, chrome or silver finishes are the most common. But in a more modern tone, crystal glass candlesticks are also popular. And if you want to get closer to an antique style, opt for candlesticks as wall decoration.

Boxes in different styles, to store all your stuff

Boxes are practical and indispensable for storing all your belongings: personal, professional, unused, new, old… Large trunks make excellent storage for toys in the children’s room. They can also hold winter duvets and bed linen.

Medium sized boxes will serve as storage for files and souvenirs. Smaller boxes can be used as an accessory to better organise your small items (valuable or not). A variety of finishes are available so you can choose what you need for each use.

Games to add a playful touch to your decor

Whether or not you like board games, it is important to have them in your home. Antique wooden chess boards are eye-catching, elegant and noble, but they also create an air of challenge. The games are perfect for creating a friendly atmosphere in the home.

And if we were to explore a broader horizon, video game consoles also fit into luxury decorating. Dare to dedicate a special room for this type of entertainment: a place that you decorate with finesse and where all your collections of miniatures are displayed.

Desk accessories for optimal working conditions

Desk accessories

Desk accessories are functional and aesthetically pleasing!

To make your desk a place of concentration and creativity, you need to have the right accessories at hand. You need bins for your paperwork, designer boxes to store your computer consumables, high-quality pen stands, a designer desk pad and, last but not least, a stylish photo frame. Office plants will brighten up your space in addition to the specific lighting fixtures adapted to your professional setting.

The art of harmonising interior design requires expertise. You need to coordinate furniture, create colour contrasts and choose the right decorative objects.

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