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Crystal is the most delicate and beautiful thing in the universe. Crystal is a symbol for what is beautiful and solid. The crystal is often tinted or sculpted. crystal chandelier can be associated with many symbols and promises. This is the vow to purity, dedication, softness, and eternality.

Crystal history

Crystal’s history in England begins in 17th-century England. George Ravenscroft was an English glass merchant who had the vision of making the glass stronger by adding more lead to its recipe. Francois de Beaufort, a French merchant specializing in glass, invented a recipe with 35% lead during Louis XVI’s 18th century reign. Several other crystal factories were established on French territory from this one, including the Baccarat plant, which Napoleon III loved. It is known for its exceptional clarity and finesse, making it one of the most beautiful glass materials. Crystal is also known for its unique finesse and luminosity. Glass crystal Rock crystal is a type of rock that has been used for centuries. Many jewelry and sculptures feature it. This is an extremely hard variety of quartz that is so transparent and fine it can be mistaken for a precious gemstone. Crystallized rock It is widely used as an art decoration.


Crystal chandelier

Stunning crystal chandelier


Crystal is still made in the traditional way.

You need to have a basic recipe for crystal. This includes a very high concentration of silica and a pure white sand. Then, you add, typically, the ash from fern to increase the potassium. At the end, you add lead. This lowers the temperature at which the glass is fused, thereby giving the material solidity and brightness. In pot furnaces, the manufacturing process takes place where elements are heated and poured  Crystal chandeliers are a light fixture that can subliminate your home. A picker, a cutter and a blower are all needed. With a cane, the picker will capture the molten crystal and create a ball. Before he can deliver the ball to the blower, he must get rid of all the air bubbles. The traditional technique involves the blower blowing into the cane, plugging the hole quickly to prevent the broth from returning. The blower is responsible for blowing the crystal constantly to form a regular and fine object once the bubbles have formed. Once the crystal is cooled, the job of the sculptor is to create his art.


Decoration with crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers can give your interior transparency and brightness. Pendants are a great way to add light and texture to your home. The chandelier will not attract the sun and make it shine. It will illuminate and add character to the space. The transparent and iridescent crystal can be used to enhance lighting fixtures, from wall lamps to suspensions made of metal. Every crystal chandelier Each has its uniqueness. Delicacy reigns supreme, from the large 19th-century chandelier that spans the ceiling of a theater to the tiny decorative chandelier found in the entrance hall. Crystal can combine with all styles.

Crystal can be combined with all styles. The classic, rich in cachet, has an echo in its finesse. Modern design mixes aluminum and crystal materials. Organza and heavy fabrics like velvet can be elegantly combined with light materials, such as silk. The most decorative materials are crystal. Opting to buy a Crystal decorative element To be able to guarantee that you will enjoy beautiful decorations as well as lighting them. You must also choose the right quality crystal for your chandelier. It will make the decoration stand out among the rest.

If you(d prefer a light decoration with clear color and simple details, have a look at the scandinavian trend !

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