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Cool and clean home air is guaranteed by an AC in excellent condition. It doesn’t matter if you have a mobile AC or a traditional AC, it is important to ensure that it works well before the summer heat hits. You can enjoy the benefits of a central unit that works well and learn how to make the most of it. Here are five important things that homeowners should know about AC.

Filters are the backbone of AC

The filters of air conditioning units are crucial to their overall function and should not be ignored. Most filters can be found inside the unit. Some filters may need to be placed on the AC covers. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the cooling system running for long periods of time. Indeed, they can get very dirty and can pollute the air, causing allergies and other respiratory problems.

Moreover, if you have pets or live in an area with a lot of dust, it may be necessary to change your filters more frequently. The AC will run slower and consume more energy, and this can lead to restricted airflow. You can change your filter every other month if you have one or two filters. This will keep the unit running at its peak. AC units may require that four or five filters be changed every six months. It is a good idea to buy filters ahead of time so that you can make quick changes if they stop functioning.


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Make use of a thermostat

Your AC system running even when you’re not there is a waste. Installing a thermostat in your AC unit will allow you to adjust the temperature inside the house. Make sure it matches the voltage so it does not cause any damage when it turns on. It can be set at a higher temperature while you are away and adjusted to lower temperatures when you return. You should consider purchasing an exterior unit that comes with an in-built timer, which you can program so that it turns on and off as required.

The thermostat or timer can not only save you energy but also money. A configurable thermostat makes it possible to only pay for energy used. Regular checking and adjusting the timer to suit your schedule will lead to lower bills throughout the year.


Keep Outdoor Condenser Clean

While the AC may keep the house cool inside, it is important that outdoor components work properly. A majority of air conditioning systems include a compressor and condenser that are located outside. To ensure that the components work properly, it is crucial to clean them regularly. You must always check on the condenser to make sure that everything is clean and free from any debris.

You should rinse the area with water, using a hose. A professional technician can help you with the cleaning process if you are not sure.

You should carefully consider the place where your condenser will be located if you are installing a new split AC. It is recommended that the condenser be placed at least 24 inches from tall grass, hanging branches and shrubs. It is important to keep the condenser out of direct sunlight. This will ensure that it does not lose its efficiency. A good location will reduce the chance of the condenser becoming dirty quickly or being damaged.


Maximize Air Conditioner’s Effectiveness

You should make the most of an AC. It’s not enough to cool your house. You also need to ensure it doesn’t work harder. Keep the blinds shut to ensure cool air stays inside your home.

You can still open the windows on cool nights to let the airflow into the rooms. You can leave the doors unlocked if you want to improve air circulation and reduce the workload for your AC. Seal all ducts with appropriate fastening materials to prevent leakages. If the leakage is severe, professional help may be required.


AC maintenance is key

ACS should be serviced on an annual basis to ensure that they work well throughout the year. The AC should be checked out earlier in the calendar year to ensure it continues to work well. Either the seller of the unit can perform the maintenance or you can hire a professional technician from an established company. Checking the operating temperature, checking the controls and adjustment of fan belts are some of the tasks you will need to do during the yearly maintenance. Other tasks include checking the refrigerants and cleaning coils, fans, blowers, filters and fans. If any of these components become damaged, it’s a good idea to replace them immediately.

The homeowner also benefits from AC maintenance every year. You can be assured of better air quality and savings.

The rules and regulations surrounding air conditioning units in the house are varied depending on their size or model. The above-mentioned guidelines will work with most ACs, so it is important that homeowners keep them in their mind.


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