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It can be difficult to find outdoor furniture that will withstand the elements. Some materials like wood are better suited for terraces and gardens. Which are the benefits of wooden furniture? Which species of wood should I choose? What is the best way to decorate your living space? This guide will help you quickly make your decision.

Wooden furniture is a great choice for outdoor spaces.

Wooden furniture enhances your exterior! You want your outdoor space to be beautiful, so you should invest in furniture and a living area. Because of its many benefits, wood is often used for gardens and terraces. Wood is a great material for gardens and terraces and it is a durable material . Moreover, it is resistant to wind, rain, and sunlight.

To preserve the wood furniture’s aesthetic and quality, it is sufficient to maintain its regular condition. The wooden furniture can also be used outdoors. It makes an authentic And Warm Touch To the garden . The wood furniture looks great with other wooden pieces. It created a natural atmosphere. Finally, wood can be used to create the space you want. And it is an ecological Nature-friendly Material . The wood that is used in furniture design comes from sustainable managed forests. Wood isn’t an indestructible material. It must be maintained to resist the effects of sunlight, snow and frost. Wooden furniture should be covered during winter.

If you are hesitating, look at our tips for choosing outdoor furniture for your balcony !


Wooden outdoor furniture

Wooden furniture to go perfectly on your balcony



What wood should you choose to make outdoor furniture from?

It’s difficult to name all types of wood that are used in outdoor furniture. Some species, however, are more sought-after than others. Below is a listing of some of the most sought-after wood species for outdoor furniture.

  • Teak furniture
  • Acacia furniture;
  • Rattan furniture;
  • pine furniture.

It is the most popular wood used in garden furniture manufacturing. Exotics It is a dark brown colour. Because it’s made of teak, outdoor furniture is possible with this material. oleoresin It is resistant to UV rays and moisture, making it possible to keep teak furniture covered in winter on a terrace or in a garden. Acacia furniture has a darker color than teak which adds elegance. Additionally, Acacia is insect-resistant You can also get fungi, moisture and spores. This material has the main benefit of being low-maintenance. Rattan is another option. A sturdy, light piece of furniture . To preserve the quality of rattan furniture outdoors, it is varnished. Pine is a great choice if you’re looking for affordable wooden furniture. It is also easy to use. Pine, unlike other wood species, requires an adhesive. Also, you can use a Treatment with insecticides and fungicides, to keep it for as long as you can.


How do you choose and care for outdoor furniture made of wood?

Before you buy wood furniture, make sure to consider these parameters:

  • The style furniture that you want;
  • The budget that you’ve set aside;
  • The possibility of the furniture being stored in winter.

Scandinavian or Decoration Opt for a pine furniture . A teak living space is a great choice for contemporary decor. Your budget will also play a major role in your decision. Teak, which is expensive and strong, is more affordable than pine. Some species, such as teak, can be kept outside even during winter. Others need to be protected from wind and rain. Concerning The maintenance outdoor wood Furniture It all depends on what type of wood you choose. While some furniture doesn’t require maintenance, others do. Treatments for humidity and insects .

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