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Radial circular saw is a cutting machine with a table. The equipment can make a precise and accurate straight cut horizontally as well vertically. It is still a mitre-cutting tool. This tool can do more than other tools, as you will see. You get it in different models You can use different power. It is possible to also change the blades of your cutting machine as often as you like. You can have different cuts. This is not only how to make your choice, but also what you can do. Keep a circular saw radial!

Choose a circular radial saw

Radial circular saws are highly prized for their advantages We help you choose a circular radial saw :


Radial circular saw

Radial circular saw



Chosen blade

Choose the Blade of the Radial Circular Saw It is important to consider two criteria.

  • The cutting height
  • The width of the cut.

Be aware that the cut piece must be thicker than the material. The blade’s diameter will increase with increasing thickness. Also, consider these factors: The teeth are the most important part of the blade. While some blades might have many teeth, others may only have one. In general, there are generally two types of teeth: Standard blade The total cost of the project will be approximately 24 Teeth It is possible to have twice as many teeth on a standard-sized blade, however, to achieve the highest quality cut. You can build your own piece of wood. For wood you have the option of a standard knife, which will be enough.

Power choice

Radial circular saws They are typically rated at between 1,000 to 2,000 watts. The equipment used will determine the power choice. People with disabilities Use occasionally A saw that has an average power rating of 1,400 watts is required. For housework and occasional tasks, this power should be sufficient. If you are using the circular saw radially more often, the required power will be higher. This will not only be capable of handling larger cutting disks and blades, but it also has a higher speed.


Maintenance and use of the radial circular saw

To Use a circular saw with radial blade. The workpiece must be laid on a cutting board. The saw functions in the same way as conventional circular saws. There is one important distinction. Possibility of changing the axis You can move with a radius. It is possible to move a saw around on the table to increase its width. You should also know that the table can be moved to increase cutting width. Radial circular saw It doesn’t require much maintenance. It is easy to maintain. It has dust collection systems that are truly vacuum-like. However, this does not mean that it will be dust-free. It is best to maintain the machine by regularly dusting it. To reduce residue, it is important that the blade be cleaned after every use.

A radial circular saw can be really useful to make outdoor balcony furniture for example !

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