Customise your carpet: cost-saving with DIY

DIY, or Do It Yourself, allows those who wish to personalise their home to create wonders: curtains, décor, anything…even rugs! In this article, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to customise your rugs to your taste.  Here’s how to create a trendy, customised carpet with DIY!

Spray paint your carpet

Spray paint. Yes, you read that correctly: spray painting is a fashionable and stylish way to customise your carpet.

You can use this method for painting absolutely anything, including fabrics and, therefore, rugs too. You can paint it however you want: patterned, motifs, with text; let your creativity and imagination run wild!

If you’re buying spray paints, make sure to buy the materials you need to go with them, such as block letters or a roll of tape to define your borders. These products are available in DIY shops as well as craft shops. With this equipment, you’ll be armed and read to graffiti your rugs to your taste!

Colour in your carpet


Use textile pens to customise your carpet!

For those who don’t particularly fancy the idea of spray painting, there is another solution: textile pens. You don’t need many materials, and the materials you do need can easily be found in specialist shops: textile pens, scotch tape, a light-coloured rug, a cutter, and thick paper or card.

With the paper, you will be able to create the motifs and letters that you want to use, then you can superimpose them on your rug and colour them in using your pens!

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