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Mini excavators are construction machines that have an articulated arm, a bucket and can be used to do earthmoving and excavation work. This highly maneuverable machine is widely used in construction. To ensure its optimal performance, it needs to have good tracks. They must be maintained to ensure that the equipment does not wear.

What is the track’s working principle?

Rubber tracks are dependent on how stable the machine is. They allow the machine’s movement forward and keep it out of mud and dirt. How does a track for a mini excavator work? This is actually an a Rubber Steel or iron Chain This creates a loop that runs on rollers. The loop is enclosed by a frame with two wheels. One side has a driving sprocket called “sprocket”, which provides traction. On the other, there is an idler wheel that keeps the track’s tension. Rollers are used to distribute the load and maintain the chain. The stops, or “chain guides”, guide the chains. Depending on what application, rubber pads are bolted onto the chain in different sizes and shapes. Depending on your model and the brand, there are many tracks available.


Mini excavator tracks

Mini excavator tracks


Which are your wear points?

It is normal to wear track clothes. It must be uniform as any asymmetrical clothing indicates that there is a problem and must be addressed immediately. It is likely that the pins holding the chains links are the problem. Their wear can change the pitch or spacing. It must match the teeth on the sprocket and be consistent. This defect can lead to the premature deterioration and disintegration of your sprocket. The tension on the chain should also be checked every week. The tension should not be too loose as this will accelerate wear and too tight would cause tension to other parts.

The chain must sag slightly to be able to visually identify good tension. This is what we call a “sag”. Manufacturers will indicate the ideal level of sag. The manufacturer will indicate the ideal chain tension. To loosen the tension, you can use a little grease to open the relief valve. You should be careful when removing the relief valve as the pressure can cause it to burst. Push the idler wheel with grease to tighten it. If possible, inspect the track unit after every use to ensure that no debris is trapped. They can cause damage to the track, and even more severe in the case of frost. Their expansion could be deadly. Keep your track clean every week. Also, make sure to adapt your shoes to the terrain. Choose wide shoes that allow for drainage of loose soil. For rocky terrain, choose narrower shoes

You must take care of your feet

Rubber tracks cannot be fixed. It is essential to keep your rubber tracks in good condition and adhere to these guidelines. These tips will ensure that your tracks last for approximately two thousand hours. Your driving habits are key to keeping your tracks in great condition. Avoid bumps on rough terrain. To avoid bumps, adjust your driving. Avoid driving at an angle above an obstacle.

This will cause lateral stress and damage to your car. Always drive in the slope’s direction and keep both tracks at the same level as possible. Keep in mind that you should not make sharp turns as counter-rotation can damage your tracks. Also, don’t turn with the same track on every side as it will stretch its rubber. Instead, use both tracks to rotate in the opposite direction. You should be careful about the surface that you work on as sharp objects could cause damage to the rubber. Tracks You can use flints or construction debris such as scrap metal to clean your tracks.

Keep your components and tracks clean especially if they’ve been exposed to oil or salt. To prevent corrosion, you should wipe any stains off your equipment immediately. You should check the track guide regularly to ensure that no items have been placed in it. This could cause damage. Your tool will age prematurely if it is exposed to excessive heat (above +55oC) or extreme cold (below -25oC). Check the tension on the idler wheel regularly. The grease nipple is located at the undercarriage.


 What can I do to replace them?

It is easy to modify tracks. Before you buy, make sure they fit your machine. To avoid any accidents, be sure to comply with all safety precautions. To Replace Tracks will require a grease gun. It can be electric, manual or pneumatic. Good quality multipurpose grease is also necessary. These items can be found in the spare parts section of a Construction professionals Such as, or Online shops that specialize in this area. To replace your tracks, here are some steps: First, remove the grease nipple from the idler wheel. You can also use a crowbar.

After the idler wheel has been removed, you can lift the machine onto the bucket and blade. To replace the rubber track remove it and then do the reverse. This step will require two people, one of whom must be in charge. The other will guide the track using the crowbar. The tensioner should be reinstalled. Now tension the track using the grease gun. You want to allow your tensioner to move vertically by 2-3 cm so that the track does not become too tight or too loose. You’re finished! You will have to adjust the tension once you’ve used the track for a while. A new track tends to loosen up slightly at the start. You are now equipped with a mini excavator and know how to maintain it to get optimal performance. What are you waiting for ? Now is the time to get started!

Moreover, don’t forget that you may need a loading ramp for your mini excavator !

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