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Circular saws are woodworking tools. They can be used for cutting all kinds of material, even wood. There are many types of circular saws. Each has its unique characteristics and a specific mode of operation. We will be introducing you to different circular saws and their blades in this article. Which are the differences? Circular saws are used to cut wood ? What is the best way to select the right blade for a circular saw?

Which circular saws are best for cutting wood?

You can use a circular saw to cut wood. Each material has its own degree of rigidity. However, the special equipment required to cut wood-based materials requires a different tool. There are several types of wood-cutting machines. Circular saws . They are most often used to cut wood and other materials. These can be found in DIY stores. This category is dedicated to the cutting of wood. These are the various categories of Woodworking circular saws :

  • Tabletop Circular Saws
  • Hand-held Circular Saws
  • Universal circular saws
  • Special blade for circular saws


A man using a circular saw

Useful circular saw !



Circular table saws

Circular saws for tables are made of slides and rails, which are specially designed to cut wood of any length. This is a type of Circular saw that is frequently Useful for professionals .

Circular saw for hand

Circular saws for hand-held use can also be used to cut wood. Unlike table saws however, Hand-held saws They are easier to use and can be taken anywhere.

Universal circular saw

Universal circular saws, it’s model that incorporates universal cutting blades (also known as standards) is a saw. These universal circular saws can be used to cut wood and other materials.

Special blade for circular saw

Special blades for circular saws are distinctive by their unique blades. This type of saw requires that the blades used must be chosen carefully. The data sheets contain the following information: 

What is the best way to select the right blade for a circular saw?

A circular saw with the right blade is essential for cutting wood. To choose the best circular saw, you need to consider: best blade for your circular saw. These are some criteria to consider.

  • The material used to make the blade
  • The number of teeth on the blade.
  • The angle of the tooth of the blade.
  • The blade’s diameter.


The blade’s rigidity is determined by how it looks. Carbide is the most preferred material for cutting. To achieve precise cutting shapes, it is important to consider the angle and number of teeth that are on the blade. Finally, The right blade size Safety plays an essential role. Circular saw are used everyday by professionnal !

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