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I have recently updated the decor of my bedroom and wanted to share some DIY and deco ideas with you using my favourite colour, copper !

Copper colour everywhere in my interior !

The copper decor is on the rise. The copper decor creates a unique, warm and powerful atmosphere wherever it is used.

You can use it in any room to give a traditional and classic feel to your home. It can be used with most furniture and accessories.

Copper decorations are easy to incorporate. Although they can look subtle, they can be quite striking if done correctly. I love to incorporate copper into lamps. It can be used in conjunction with other materials around the lamp’s base or shade.

I am disappointed at how little copper is seen in a home’s interior.


Copper candle

Copper decoration


DIY Ideas: 3 Copper Decors for Less Than 15 Euros

I have already mentioned that you can customize a lamp with just a can of paint. This is a simple project that requires a can of paint.

You can also take a look at your office decor to re-invent pen holders, clocks and mugs. This will give it a modern, elegant look.

It is a unique idea to make a copper calendar that showcases the industrial or traditional effects copper can have.

These can be done with a mere fifteen euro paint can !

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