Decoration & DIY: The copper tendency

As I recently changed the decoration of my room, I wanted to share with you some deco and DIY ideas using my new favourite colour: Copper !

Copper colour everywhere in my interior!

The use of copper decor has been on the rise recently. It provides a warm, powerful and eccentric atmosphere wherever it’s used.

It can be used in any room or interior to provide a classic and traditional feel to a home.  It works great with almost any furniture or accessories and can quite easily complement candles, plants and cushions.

It is all too simple to introduce copper decorations, it can be subtle, but if used correctly, quite striking. One of my favourite incorporations of copper is on to a lamp, where it can coincide directly with other materials in the shade or along the base of the lamp.

I’m disappointed by how little we see copper in a home’s interior, it is incredibly versatile as it can be used subtly with a well-polished, modern, look, or even used with varying degrees of rust for that industrial or classic feel.

DIY ideas: 3 copper decors for less than 15 euros

As I mentioned before, one simple project to do with only a can of paint is to customize a lamp, by painting the interior of the shade, the base or simply the whole thing it is quite easy to revive and draw attention to a lamp.

DIY lamp

As you can see, after some copper paint spray my lamp has a very different style! DIY very easy to do 🙂

Alternatively, take the brush to your office decor and re-invent a pen-holder, clocks, mugs, even rubbish bins to give your office a sleek, warm look.


Just add some copper accessorizes to transform your office!

A unique idea is to create a copper calendar which showcases the traditional or industrial effect copper can have.


To create it you just need paper to print the calendar, carton and a tong!


Best of all, these can be accomplished with little more than a fifteen euro can of paint!

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