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This is a pure and refined style with white and grey tones, fur, and wood. You don’t know what you should call the decoration you see on every decorating proposal on Pinterest and Instagram. This style is known as the Scandinavian trend and it seduces many people.

The Scandinavian trend is a constant seduction.

Scandinavian decoration is a trend coming straight from the 1950s in the Nordic countries. What is its secret ? It is a warm, uncluttered environment that combines country and contemporary styles.

Nordic design can be found in functional furniture, which is made from a variety of materials. This trend is a result of other sources and is becoming more and more popular. Its practicality and economy are two reasons why it’s so prevalent. The originality of its decorative items, which encourage relaxation, is another reason. We will be looking at the key elements of Scandinavian decor.


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Scandivanian style decoration


Fur rugs

We have already mentioned that Scandinavian design is based upon a refined style and pastel colours, which adds brightness and character to your interior.

To warmen up this minimalist decor, real fur can be found in Scandinavian interiors as sheepskin rugs or pouffes, or cushions made from sheepskin. For a natural touch, this could be a sheepskin rug at the foot of your bed or rabbit, mink, or fox plaids placed casually on the sofa.

For animal lovers, there is no need to panic. You don’t even have to use fur to create a Scandinavian look. For a soothing and cocooning atmosphere, place a thick faux fur rug on your foot.

Cocooning plaids

Plaid, which is the second most important element of cosy decor, will add warmth to your home. The plaid can be used in any room of the house, including your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to put them wherever you want. They provide comfort and softness, which will be a welcome relief during the long winter nights.

Velvet cushions

There are many cushions in Scandinavian design. The velvet cushion is a good choice for enhancing a cosy, elegant, and chic living room. You will find comfort and softness in the timeless velvet.

The patchwork cushions with patterns are the best cushion with a Nordic design. For storage on the sofa, choose cushions with graphic patterns.

The Scandinavian trend is all about patterning, but it’s not just any pattern. Triangles are simple and repetitive shapes that can be printed on a bright fabric to add dynamism to an armchair or sofa.

White cotton is the most popular choice for fabric. However, it will also be a classic Scandinavian decoration. For a more natural look, consider using fabric made from vegetable fibres.

XXL armchairs

The Scandinavian armchair is another essential item for any Nordic decorator. The range of options is endless, from the rocking chair to the iconic cocktail chair to the lounge chair, but how can you tell if it’s a Nordic design chair?

The Scandinavian armchair is characterized by its rounded shapes and sloping legs. It also features flat colours and clean lines.

These armchairs can be XXL-sized and are available in many materials to meet everyone’s requirements and preferences.

Open armchairs are often rounded in shape and have bouncy cushions covered with grey flannel fabric. This gives the chair a cosy and intimate feel. Wood is a popular choice for the base. It will warm up your furniture and make it look more Scandinavian.

Nesting tables

Nesting coffee tables are practical and versatile pieces of furniture that can be used in a variety of interior settings. You can use it as a collection of coffee tables, often 2 or 3, of various sizes. They can be nested together or unfurled if you need more space. Your Nordic decor will be complete with graphic and simple lines in wood and light colours.

Woollen footstools

Now available is the Scandinavian-style woollen, hand-knitted Ottoman crochet or jersey, footstool. This product is ideal for use as a footrest, occasional seat or coffee table in your living or bedroom.

This pouffe’s minimalist design makes it easy to fit into any interior. It will bring a touch to your space.

Pastel and soft colours

It is the Scandinavian trend’s must-have, the pastel and light tones that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Pastel colours are gentle, light and delicate colours. Pastel colours such as pastel blues, pink yellows, mauves, greens and mauves can be described as a halfway house between childlike tenderness and charming decoration. These colours can bring back childhood memories and have a joyful, refreshing effect on your mood. These colours can be enriched with wood to brighten up your interior.

You can hide your air conditioner

An air conditioner can quickly ruin the elegance and refinement of your room’s decor. An attractive wooden cover for your air conditioner will give you the best results. It should be simple and clean, in keeping with the Scandinavian style.

cover for your air conditioner will conceal it and provide air circulation.

The Scandinavian trend is a great choice for interiors with a refined design and warm, inviting spaces. You can combine materials with pastel colours to add softness and comfort to your space. Scandinavian decor allows you to create lightness, lightness and vintage style. 


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