Côte d’Azur: advice on buying a luxury apartment

Are you about to buy a high-end apartment on the Côte d'Azur? Congratulations! However, you will need some helpful advice to make this transaction as smooth as possible. In this publication, we offer you some food for thought to help make this transaction as smooth as possible. (more…)

Which are good countries in Europe offering apartments for sale?

Quite honestly, all countries are interesting if you are considering investing in the purchase of an apartment. However, I have my preferences, and I will share them with you by giving you a few pointers.


Order your custom made furniture for a unique touch

The furniture industry giants offer low price MDF furniture to furnish our homes, but this has one huge downside: these are pieces that are not original, that are common and that are not one-of-a-kind. Have you thought about custom made furniture in order to add a personal and unique touch? (more…)

Decoration & DIY: The copper tendency

As I recently changed the decoration of my room, I wanted to share with you some deco and DIY ideas using my new favourite colour: Copper ! (more…)

Holiday home: our tips and tricks to take the plunge!

Last year my husband and I purchased a second home near Lloret de Mar, Spain. It was our perfect destination for holidays and one year we suddenly thought how great it would be to own somewhere in our favourite place – so we went ahead and bought somewhere! It’s been the best decision we ever made. So, we wanted to share our experience with you – maybe it will convince you that a second home is the way forward! ;) (more…)

Southern Corsica: what not to miss!

When we think about Southern Corsica, the first thing that springs to mind is its straight-off-the-postcard scenery. And this really is what it is like; Southern Corsica is home to magnificent holiday locations, perfect for this summer. Towns, beaches, stunning scenery: you will have all you need to create an unforgettable holiday.

So, here are some places that you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit Southern Corsica… (more…)

Customise your carpet: cost-saving with DIY

DIY, or Do It Yourself, allows those who wish to personalise their home to create wonders: curtains, décor, anything…even rugs! In this article, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to customise your rugs to your taste.  Here’s how to create a trendy, customised carpet with DIY! (more…)

Our Romantic week-end in Rome

So last month, Christopher and I spent a long week-end in the Italian city of love: Rome. Three days seems to be a lot of time for a vacation in a global metropolis like Rome, yet they are very few!

That’s why, to get the most out of our three-day vacation in Rome, we decided to make our proper planning. It’s really been an amazing trip so I really wanted to share it with you :D The following gives you a glimpse into our itinerary for our romantic tour, enjoy! (more…)