Parasailing in Nice: how about taking the plunge ?

Parasailing is an activity that’s growing in popularity, perhaps because it offers a combination of exciting sensations and the kind of accessibility that makes it open to all types of people. Parasailing is basically very easy to take part in as you have nothing to do other than enjoy the landscape below you and the exciting sensations.

How does parasailing work ?

The first thing to know is that you’re equipped with a harness attached to a parachute. You yourself are also attached to a small motorboat via a cable and winch. This means that when the boat travels at speed across the surface of the lake or the sea, the wind rushes into the parachute’s canopy, causing you to gain height.

You don’t need to steer it because you’re at all times attached to the boat via the cable. Using the parachute is a passive process: you don’t have any control over the direction you take as this is determined by the person piloting the boat. This makes the sport easier to take part in and, above all, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations it provides.

parasailing nice

Parasailing in Nice.

Nice, the perfect location for this activity

Nice really is the ideal location in which to take part in this activity. There are several reasons for this, first amongst which is undoubtedly the scenery and surroundings you get to see and observe, namely the beautiful region that is the magnificent French Riviera. If parasailing in Nice sounds like something you’d like to try, visit the official website of Nikaia Glisse.

But the city itself is superb too, with the extraordinary panorama offered by the seafront and the Promenade des Anglais. With parasailing, you ascend dozens of metres up into the air, giving you a completely unique viewpoint. Above and beyond just the views, it’s also the weather conditions in Nice that make it such an attractive location. This region of France receives more sunshine than other areas of the country, thus increasing the amount of opportunities to take part in this sporting activity.

Properly preparing for your parasailing session

Parasailing is a daunting looking activity when viewed from the edge of the beach. However, it’s actually very accessible as it does not require any special physical effort, though It’s not suitable for pregnant women. Nevertheless, a minimum of preparation is necessary to ensure the parasailing session goes as well as possible.

You’ll need to bring a swimming costume with you as there’s a risk of getting wet. You don’t need to know how to swim however, as you’ll be attached to the boat via the winch at all times. It’s an activity that people scared of heights can also participate in. The fact you’re actually up in the air and not positioned on a high point of some sort means you don’t experience the sensation of height in the same way.

With no particular physical effort required, parasailing sessions are open to a wide range of people, and Nice offers the perfect setting in which to take the plunge and try your hand at this activity.