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You have decided to rent a home in Athens: you’re making the right decision ! The 2008 crisis saw Athens’ economy fall. It quickly reacted to consolidate its real estate market, which was one of its main pillars. Rental offers are very popular in Athens, which combine the attractive prices of the properties on the market with the rental deals. This combination energizes and emulates the growth of real estate investments in Greece.

Seasonal Rental: Enjoy the sights of Athens

Athens is known for its positive vibes and longer touristic periods than any other European city.

Although January and February are the coldest months, temperatures stabilize between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius. This allows many tourists, who have grown accustomed to warmer temperatures, to still visit the city, far from summer crowds. You have many opportunities to rent a vacation home throughout the year.

The Greek capital has many charms and assets beyond its beautiful weather. People travel to Greece to experience the warmth of the neighborhood and to immerse themselves in a 1000-year-old civilization.

There are many requirements. It is possible to invest in a villa which can house a family or group of friends. Renting an apartment allows you to explore different areas and neighborhoods before moving on to a plan to purchase real estate in Athens.

It is important to research the neighborhood in which you are looking to buy a property. It is possible to make your investment more lucrative by renting it out. To combine the Greek soul and your own ideas of the joy of living, you will need to establish a personal relationship with the place.

You can now delegate your rental management to professionals , who will provide you with security and peace of mind.

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Rent out your property in Greece to get a return on your investment.

 Prices in Greece are among the lowest in Europe, since the market was relaunched over 10 years ago. An asset can be sold for much less than it would in a traditional market. This is a rare situation in Europe. It may not last. Opportunities should not be missed or delayed for too long.

A yearly rental will make it easier to get a return on investment in real property investment. Renting in Athens has a high occupancy rate, ranging from 80% to 90%.

It is important to find a property that meets your research criteria if you are looking for settling in Greece for a few months or years. It doesn’t matter if you manage an villa or an apartment . You need to ensure that there are good amenities, security, and that your tenants have high expectations.

Let’s just say it is more sensible to contact a rental management company. Professionals will give you valuable advices that will optimize your investment’s return.

Athens real estate agents can handle your rental management.

The details of rental management are complex and may vary from one country to another. Understanding the real-estate market in Greece is essential. Thereforen it is better to delegate this task to a local agency. This way, you can rbe assured that the management process will run smoothly.

An agency can arrange on-site visits to find the right tenants for your apartment or villa in Athens. Moreover, it can handle maintenance and repairs if they are needed. The agency can collect rents, send reminders, and even pay the collected amounts. A specialized agency for this type of property management has many missions and can be tailored to meet your needs.

There are many benefits to making a real estate investment to let goods in Athens. This is an adventure you shouldn’t take on by yourself. It is important to seek the guidance of a reputable and experienced real estate agency.

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