Foncia is a real estate agency that offers many advantages.



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It is recommended to rent your property if you have real estate. turn to a real estate agency . You can benefit from Foncia’s expertise and maximize your income by taking advantage of the agency’s properties. Foncia allows you to maximize the value and manage your costs. Find out all Foncia’s rentals management missions.

What is Foncia ?

Foncia can be described as a real estate agency It is a rental management company that specializes in real estate. The agency is listed on the stock market for more than five years. It has over 360 offices in France and Europe. It had a turnover exceeding 400m euros in 2006 and a profit margin of over 15%. Foncia employs 300 staff members, which includes training, audits and reference notes, as well as animations. Foncia allows co-ownership and rental management to be developed without financial contributions. It also has more than 6,000,000 page views each month. Foncia is recommended if you are looking to start a business, join an international brand or create a new commercial venture.

Foncia allows you to electronically sign your rental management or lease documents from any device, including your tablet or smartphone. You don’t need to wait to get signed documents back or to send them by post. Meet at the agency ! To sign electronically, you only need a telephone number and an email address. These documents can also be authenticated because Foncia meets all legal requirements. Foncia has been approved and certified by the National Agency for Security and Information Systems.

If you are asking yourself how to manage your rental property, Foncia might be the answer !


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Foncia real estate agency



Foncia is the right choice to manage your rental property.

You have just purchased a brand new apartment, and want to manage its rental. , There are many benefits that you could reap. The agency is made up of specialists who specialize in selling new buildings. Foncia allows an Rent estimations that are accurate Consider the type of investment you have selected. Pre-marketing is available to ensure the fastest rental possible upon delivery. In addition, the agency offers advertising campaigns for the building. These are done by drones and distributed with flyers on the ground. Foncia provides a 360deg virtual tour to enhance the home and also allows for digitalization. The dematerialization and validation of tenants’ files according their solvency, and other criteria that are related to your financial choices. Foncia also offers an online client service MyFoncia is available 24 hours a day, providing access to all your documents and consultations of your accounts. You can also access details about the rents you have paid as well as special offers.


How does Foncia manage her rental properties?

Foncia is a great option if you are looking for a home to call your own.  Management cells that specialize in the sale of new homes. They also provide technical assistance and delegate all accounting, administrative and technical tasks. Foncia provides a monthly management report, payment for your rents each month, and offers assistance in delivering your property. It also helps you secure rental income through the guaranteed unpaid rents as well as the occupancy guarantee. Foncia can also handle your property.

  • The drafting, renewal or modification of the lease;
  • The processing of security deposit;
  • Verification of insurance coverage and compliance with diagnostic tests
  • Payment notices, receipts, and adjustments to rent;
  • Sending a monthly report for management to keep an eye on your accounts
  • You will have a special relationship with your tenant

Foncia also allows you to Free estimation of the rental of a property So you can quickly make informed decisions about your real estate projects. An estimation engine will be built using the Price Hubble real estate estimators.

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