Our Romantic week-end in Rome

So last month, Christopher and I spent a long week-end in the Italian city of love: Rome. Three days seems to be a lot of time for a vacation in a global metropolis like Rome, yet they are very few!

That’s why, to get the most out of our three-day vacation in Rome, we decided to make our proper planning. It’s really been an amazing trip so I really wanted to share it with you 😀 The following gives you a glimpse into our itinerary for our romantic tour, enjoy!

Day 1: Visit of the Roman remains (roman forum and the Colosseum)

First, we started our three day tour of Rome with a visit to the enchanting Roman remains, of course with the Roman Forum and Collosseum in mind. The Forum tokes us many centuries back in time when the formidable Roman Empire ruled the world. Rome is a city of variety!


The impressive Coliseum!

Day 2: Visit of Vatican and St Pierre chapel

For day 2, I absolutely wanted to visit the Vatican City (even if the idea didn’t really seduced Christopher…). We went to San Pietro’s Basilica early before crowds begin to mill all around the place.

Michel Angelo’s Pieta is among the breathtaking sights that amazed me! I also recommend you to make your way to the popes’ tombs under the Basilica before you climb to its dome for an awesome panoramic view of the city!


San Pietro plaza in the early morning, the crowd is arriving!

After the Basilica, our next stop was the world famous Vatican Museums, where its artistic works are certain to amaze everyone, from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling, The Raphael rooms and the amazing antiquities in the Pio Clementino Museum, to the Pinacoteca painting gallery comprising of Caravaggio’s Deposition and Raphael’s Transfiguration…

Before retiring for the night to our hotel, we sample Italian food in a restaurant next to the Castel San Angelo.   

Day 3: Hanging out and chillin’ in Rome streets

On day three, before our check out to fly home, we hanged out on Rome’s streets and sample public attractions like the Trevi Fountain, the Panthenon temple and the gracious Piazza Navona.


Trévi fountain is such a romantic place!

If you need to replenish your strength, try Gelato (the famous Italian Ice Cream) for which Italia is well known! Yummy J Of course, before taking a bow, we ensured to sample the famous Italian Pizza. How else do we crown an amazing tour of Rome?

We went mingling on the streets then done some shopping to buy some souvenirs to cherish your memories of Rome… 🙁

When we were done exploring this great historical metropolis, we didn’t out immediately. We toke a meditative rest in your hotel room before we jet out, a good way to let the unforgettable images of enchanting Rome keep flashing…

It was a wonderful trip in a wonderful city, if you decide to go there, you won’t be disappointed! And if the urge to visit again is too strong to resist, give in; Why not?

Of course if you prefer sun, sea and farniente, let me advice you a dream destination: Southern Corsica!

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