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You have two choices when renting a property. Either you manage it yourself, or you hire an agency. You will need to handle all aspects of the rental including receipts for rent, repairs and so on. We will provide all the information you require about renting.

What is the best way to manage a rental property as an individual?

To avoid multiple costs and the impact they have on the rental performance, one of the reasons that each individual wants to handle his own rental is cost. We offer some tips to help you understand the management of your rental. Even if you’re deciding to manage it yourself, you can use a rental management software to help you out !


rental management property

Manage your rental property by yourself



The rent amount should be set

First, estimate how much rent you will be offering tenants. You must choose a rent that covers all expenses and loans. A higher rent can provide a significant return on your investment. However, low rents attract more tenants and have a greater impact. You should consider carefully how much you want to rent your property.


Locating a Tenant

After the rent is set, there are two options for finding a tenant. Either you can do it yourself, or hire someone to search for a tenant and sort through the documents.


The lease agreement

Lease contract It is signed by each party and drawn in duplicate by its lessor. The lease agreement contains both mandatory and optional terms, including

  • The name and address both of the landlord and tenant
  • The address of the accommodation
  • The description of the unit
  • The term of the lease
  • The inventory of fixtures in the house;
  • The rent amount
  • The area covered by the house.

The owner can then be notified. You must sign up for certain types of insurance You can get the following: the homeowner insurance, unpaid rent insurance, and non-occupant insurance.


The property can be rented

The landlord will ask the tenant to pay the receipts immediately after he/she moves in. The anniversary of signing the lease. Rental agreement The landlord may increase rent but it must be stated in the agreement. The tenant is responsible for certain costs, such as maintenance, repairs, and taxes, that are related to their dwelling.


End of lease

The lease must be terminated by the owner. Make a list of fixtures for exit A statement of accounts and an inventory of fixtures for entry.


The advantages of renting management to a private person

People sometimes prefer  to manage their rental properties themselves In order to save money, you can hire an agency to manage your rental property. This will cost between 7-10%, excluding taxes. Rent management can be done by the owner, who takes over all legal, administrative and technical duties. This allows for a higher return. The owner can also communicate with the tenant directly, saving time and allowing him to quickly access information about the management of the property. If the tenant has a concern about work, or other issues, the owner can intervene immediately. The direct relationship allows the owner to save money on services that may be required from outside.


A company can manage your rental properties

If you decide to Ask for help from a specialist company You will be able to manage the rental of your property and enjoy several benefits , Such as

  • One benefits from personalized assistance by the agent when buying or selling a home.
  • Benefit from Guarantees in the event of non-payment
  • A relatively low management cost.
  • You can benefit from a variety of relevant tips regarding the management of your rental property.

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