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Focus on all possible corporate events. Numerous statistics have shown that employees who work in a team environment with a positive atmosphere and good cohesion are twice as productive. Therefore, it is important that companies strengthen their employee relationships. To invest in corporate events and activities organization.

What exactly is a business event?

A corporate event, also known as “Business Event”, brings together employees, customers, and collaborators of the company in one place. Corporate events are an important link in a company’s communication strategy. This is also a great way to increase efficiency. Strengthen the connections Between the various actors in a company.


Corporate events

Employees reunited at a company event


What’s the point of a corporate event planning?

Before you start the journey, in Organisazing of an event for a business,  it is crucial to consider what you want to accomplish with this event. A business event is a great way to communicate with your employees and to send a commercial message to customers. This will help promote your company’s values, image and brand, which can often be done in “public relations”. Business events can help to build cohesion between your team members or to recognize and reward your employees for their contributions to your business. Organizing corporate events that are tailored to your company’s needs will help you optimize your efforts.


Which corporate events are possible?

There are many types of marketing depending on your objectives and the time of year. Seminars and corporate events , business trips, etc. These can either be made available to employees internally or for customers and partners externally. This is what you can choose from:


Organize a corporate seminar

One of the most popular corporate events is the corporate seminar : a stay lasting from one to three days that is organized with employees of the company. A company seminar’s primary purpose is professional. It aims to exchange new ideas and establish new changes in the company.


Engaging in “Incentive Activities”

The concept of incentive activities was imported to France by our Anglo-Saxon neighbours in the 90’s. Incentive programs include bringing your employees together in an environment that is more professional. This is a great way to reward and motivate your employees. This has proven to be a popular choice in many businesses and continues to grow in popularity.


Choose an innovative Team Building program

In France, team building was introduced at the same moment as incentivist activities. This method has two goals: Enhance teamwork in the company, to strengthen employee relationships. To federate employees you can choose from many different types of unique activities, including Escape games , Murder parties , Treasure hunts Theater attempts can be made on a tilted platform, in green tag workshops or at a samba lesson!


Go on a business trip

This is a new kind of business event The organization of corporate trips Also known as “business tourism”, A business trip, whether you are traveling alone or with a group of people, can bring value to the work of your employees by showing them new cultures and countries. It also improves their creativity and artistic skills, particularly for architects and designers. Your teams will be able to understand and appreciate cultural differences.


Celebrate key events within your company

A corporate event does not have to be about the Celebration of important events in the company . You can also use it to Launch of a Project The inauguration of new office, or celebration of the company’s anniversary, with a cocktail or dinner party. These small events will help to create a rhythm in the work year, and strengthen the sense of belonging for your workers.


How do you organize an event for your company?

To get started organizing, there are some key steps you should follow. After you’ve defined your goals and chosen the type of event that you wish to host, it is time for you to decide on a date and the duration. Also, you will need to choose what type of event you want and how much money it will cost. The only thing left is to locate the right venue and to contact all the professionals required to make this happen. It is possible to delegate organizational tasks for your corporate event to professionals such as an Event agency that specializes in organizing professional events . You will see that cohesion between your employees is an important aspect of any company. Corporate events are a great way to build relationships between employees, and improve productivity. Do not forget to call profesionnals to ensure the security of your company event, especially if you have a large number of employees.

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