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The building professionals provide safety and comfort in public and private buildings. Each project calls for different levels of skills because the same construction/renovation requires interventions in multiple, sometimes interdependent, fields. Learn about missions, safety, and training.

Which building trades are there?

This sector encompasses more than 30 professions that allow for the realisation of road and property construction projects. Indeed, there is various types of masonry. Construction of foundations and the erecting of walls is the responsibility of the mason. Roofer is responsible for the roofing. The roofer installs, renovates, and repairs the roof to ensure that the building’s masonry is protected against all natural elements like water, snow, wind and sun.

A coat of paint is only the beginning for the painter. The surface may need additional work, including sanding the floors and stripping walls. The electrician is the person responsible for installing the electricity. The electrician installs wiring, sockets, and switches. He connects all electrical appliances, such as heating, alarm, and so on. The electrician also connects the electrical appliances (heating, alarm, etc.) to the domestic wiring. To ensure that the installation meets safety standards, an electrician should be aware of all regulations. Site managers oversee the installation. He oversees all the staff and ensures that each task is completed within the timeframe. The budget is also managed by the site manager. Site supervisor is the person who oversees the execution of the project according to schedule.

Therefore, the work manager has the responsibility of managing the available resources in both technical and human terms as well as the budget. It is possible that several teams will be needed to complete a project depending on its size. The team leaders act as intermediaries between the manager and the team. The profession of building information modeling manager (BIM) is growing in popularity due to the advancement of technology. The coordination of work that is based upon the different models created by this profession is the focus of this occupation. Since his role is essential, the BTP engineer’s mission it to create accurate simulations and studies that can be used as a foundation for the actual project. Additionally, he draws and determines which technical processes are the most important.


Man putting a brick with concrete

Masonry work


Which training are you required to receive?

It all depends on what job you are doing. A vocational training certificate (CAP), or a vocational degree (bac pro), will allow you to be a roofer, bricklayer, electrician, or painter. A vocational training certificate (BTS), or technical university diploma, (DUT), is what you need to be a site manager or works supervisor, or team leader. You must attend an engineering school that specializes in BIM management if you want to be a BIM manager. You must complete a preparatory scientific course in order to become a building engineer. The course lasts approximately 2 years and gives you access to an engineering program lasting 3 years. You cannot be a builder overnight, as you will see.


Which is the best work attire for these occupations?

Professional clothing can serve two purposes. First, to enhance the company’s image or, to protect the people who wear it. When it comes to building trades, safety is very important. Indeed, a building must be strong, but also comfortable and useful. The working pants must be choosen carefully. It is important to reinforce the areas where the professionals will be working, on their knees for example (plumber, electrician ). Also, the presence of multiple tools is essential for craftsmen who need to have several tools at their disposal. Large and strong pockets are mandatory.

A T-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweatshirt for the top may be enough if there is no danger of injury from sharp tools. A jacket, however, is better for injury protection. Coveralls provide complete protection from dirt. They also provide protection against burns, chemical splashes, and other injuries depending on their material. This could cause injuries on the jobsite. Working clothes should be properly maintained, as has been stated . It is therefore important to use breathable fabrics. Same for blouses, jackets, and all other clothing.

Professionals who work late at night must wear high visibility clothing. Maximum protection is required by law. No matter if you’re an engineer, mason, or leader, wearing a helmet is mandatory on construction sites. For welding, a visor is necessary. Goggles are required if the craftsman is subject to radiation or projections. Safety shoes are required for construction sites, where there is a high risk of crushing and impact. You can choose accessories and outfits for men, or a variety for women. The protection level must meet the required standards. It’s best to choose a company that is specialized in selling or manufacturing protective equipment. Working clothes are specifically adapted for the construction industry.


Which are the most important tools for work?

It all depends on what kind of work you are doing. Some multipurpose tools and materials are better kept in your arsenal. For destruction, it is important to have a chisel or a drill that can quickly remove tiles and masonry. On the other hand, a jackhammer will be more useful if the structures to be demolished are resistant like concrete. It is also necessary to have cutting tools in order to correctly size the materials before their installation. There is a wide range of saws that can cut metal, plastic, wood…. It is more advantageous to invest in a versatile tool such as a jigsaw and circular saw or a grinder.

Obviously, the hand saw remains essential, not only because of its lightness but also for its ability to cut different types of materials. Indeed, construction requires precision. It is therefore necessary to take measurements and there is nothing like a measuring tape to do this. The folding tape measure is made of a rigid material. It combines several segments of 20 cm each with rivets. You only need to unfold the tape measure gradually to take measurements. More compact, the double metal tape measure is rolled up in a case. If it is flexible, its tip has a metal hook that allows you to attach it to the end of the element to be measured and then unroll the tape measure to the desired length.

Following the same logic, you need a level that ensures the perfect flatness of the surface. The spirit level is the most commonly used instrument to define the exact angle to be followed. It is used in many different fields such as formwork, tiling, carpentry and more. The rotary laser is also very useful. With a range of up to 50 meters, it allows you to find your way with precision in large spaces, indoors and outdoors. Since most tools are now available in electric versions, it is always interesting to have a generator when you are a construction professional. Indeed, some building sites are not yet connected to the electrical network. If the batteries of the machines and tools are flat, the work may be delayed. The generator can therefore ensure the charge of the batteries or supply the wired tools. The building trades are demanding. They require solid knowledge drawn from years of training. It is also necessary to comply with safety rules, which requires the choice of a specific working outfit . The minimum required tools, while a substantial investment, are important.

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