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Credit Mutuel Alliance’s subsidiary AFEDIM already has over 30 years experience in real estate. In numbers: AFEDIM employs more than 4,500 real estate professionals who oversee more than 22,000 apartment and other housing structures. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, tenant, renter or new investor, AFEDIM can help you. It will help you make the best decision, taking into account your preferences in schools, transport, and shopping. AFEDIM cares as much about eco-housing as you do.

The history of AFEDIM

AFEDIM was born during the real estate turbulence in 1990s. This led to several failures by real estate agents. AFEDIM managed to overcome these losses and strategically overcame some clients’ disappointments. Some clients have had to live with the discomfort of an incomplete building, or credit that is pending because they are unable to pay. Credit Mutuel Group AFEDIM was established by. Clients have a fresh chance when they put newly finished properties on the marketplace. Amongst the many benefits of AFEDIM are the added security.


AFEDIM real estate projects

AFEDIM can help you with your real estate projects !



AFEDIM, or your companion during the rental period

Your real estate investment program is carefully selected for purchase, rent, rental, or sale. AFEDIM’s hobbyhorse. You can get free advice from the advisors. You can even have them follow up on the benefits process, especially for rentals.

You can give advice with an excellent sense of listening

Follow the steps with the magnifying glasses by their. real estate specialists . From the initial search to find your home, through the occupation and depositing your files until you visit the property. This is followed by a detailed presentation of available rental options and advice.

Partner support for the best result

AFEDIM relies also on the contributions of a wide network of partners. These are selected boldly and scientifically according to the criteria for rigor and professional conscience, and well-studied plans. Investing in AFEDIM is beneficial in many ways, as the former will satisfy your requirements by providing what could be described as the “tailor-made patrimony”. The tax flexibility, whether the solution is called “Deficit Foncier”, Loi Malraux”, Monuments Historiques”, Loi Malraux”, Loi Motte Non Professionel” or “dispositif PINEL”, one of its most renowned benefits can be derived from it.


AFEDIM is ISO 9001 certified 2015

AFEDIM has been certified ISO 9001 Version 2015 by the AFNOR Certification Organization since 2016. AFEDIM is committed to quality. Credit Mutuel Alliance Federale The phrase “Together, Listen and Act” is the correct one. These are the definitions of Listen and Act.

  • AFEDIM advisors are made to listen. It is well-known that listening well can improve communication and solve problems.
  • act. This is AFEDIM’s slogan. It is evident that the clientele trusts AFEDIM because they have a sense of professionalism as well as the ability to afford the project.

The AFEDIM Quality Approach

AFEDIM initiated a series of actions, including customer investigations. , Lessees and lessors To gauge their satisfaction and to manage the grievances. The two elements, while not exclusive of the AFEDIM method, enable a closer proximity to the qualitative goals and a greater achievement.

These are the four aspects of quality management

Quality management system (QMS), AFEDIM It is founded on four main issues. First, we will help you realize your dreams and real estate goals. Second, to provide quality service. Third, to strengthen the partnership and consolidate exchange. The fourth issue, and final one is AFEDIM’s determination to make a difference. , The agency’s ability to improve will be a benefit for its customers. AFEDIM faces a significant challenge in the environment, so a dedicated policy was developed.

other than the AFEDIM, you can hire a real estate agency such as Foncia for example !

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