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It is recommended to hire a professional real estate agent to manage your rental property if you are looking to invest in new properties and make them profitable. With ” Le Neuf Gestion “, a company Specialized in Rental Management You can get quality management and support for your newly acquired properties. Find out more about the services and guarantees offered by Le Neuf Gestion, in addition to the benefits of investing new property !

What is the Le Neuf Gestion process for renting a property?

Le Neuf Gestion, a company limited by liability that is in existence for twelve years, has been around since 2004. The company is located in Lyon, and specialises in administration of real estate and buildings. You can make your investment in real estate You must ensure that it’s profitable. This means you need to locate the right tenant, and do a thorough follow-up. It is best to hire a professional if you’re too busy or lack the skills necessary to manage the property. Neuf Gestion will provide you with technical, operational and accounting management. This is the ideal solution for you to get out of the rental constraints and gain profitability and more time.

It is also important to know the potential risks of investing before you make a decision. Your property manager will handle  Particularly concerning the quality of services and the rent being paid, as well as the turnover rate, is important. Le Neuf Gestion lets you be followed by one its experts in the Management of rental properties In the new. These criteria will need to be taken into consideration and the process must go through multiple steps. The first step is to determine the rent and create a rental advertisement. After that, the specialist must organize the visit to your property and coordinate with potential tenants before selecting an interesting file. The specialist will then need to prepare a lease agreement, maintain the inventory, and collect the rents. It will be crucial to maintain a good working relationship with tenants, be accessible in the event of emergency, and proceed to inventory the fixtures when there is a tenant change.


Neuf gestion

Neuf gestion



How do Neuf Gestion’s benefits and guarantees compare?

Le Neuf Gestion Interacts with many promoters To ensure you are well-informed about the French rental market. This subsidiary will take care of all aspects of your luxury rental, including your furnished and unfurnished rentals, as well as your entire property from studio to villa. Le Neuf Gestion offers many benefits, including:

  • An expert understanding of the rental market
  • Le Neuf Gestion’s rental insurance
  • A personalized service

Yes , Le Neuf Gestion will share its expertise on the major tax exempt schemes to ensure that you have a tailored management of your properties. This knowledge will ensure that you have the best follow-up. You can also get assistance from the company rental insurance You can benefit from the rental vacation guarantee as well as the unpaid rent guarantee. Le Neuf Gestion provides a personal service because you are also the intermediary of the promoters, syndics, tenants and the insurance companies. Le Neuf Gestion is able to manage your property anywhere in France because it has coverage across the entire country.


Do I need to buy a home?

You can buy a brand new property and get it built to the highest technical and sound standards. This will save you the cost of renovations. The process of buying a property is not always straightforward. This happens because marketing must be done prior to construction. In the event of a loan you must also plan for intercalary costs between signing the deed to the delivery of your property. You should also consider the following: The Loan insurance Also, it starts at the notary. Make an investment in a brand new It is important to carefully calculate costs for property. This is especially true if there are rents.

If you are prefer to manage your rental property as an individual, you can also do it !

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