Luxury real estate: where to buy in Saint Tropez and surroundings?

Saint-Tropez and the neighbouring municipalities are known as prime areas for luxury real estate. Character buildings, prestigious living environments… everything combines to please the most demanding. Nevertheless, each area has its own identity. This is why you should orient your search according to the criteria that are important to you.

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Buy your own home in Saint Tropez.

Saint Tropez


Covering an area of 1,117 hectares, the city has 4,600 inhabitants. During the summer season, there are an average of 80,000 visitors per day. They come to take advantage of the 800 shops, but also of the 12 km of beach and the dolce vita typical of St Tropez. If you are looking for a house for sale in Saint Tropez, go to John Taylor.


The Port and the Ponche in the village


The most famous places are concentrated in the heart of the village. On the harbour side, the silhouettes of pleasure yachts and sailing boats move out to sea at the first light of dawn, only to return at sunset. The cafés and night bistros take turns to welcome a clientele that is uncompromising in its refinement. The lighthouse and the constantly busy quays attract locals and holidaymakers alike.


La Ponche is appreciated for the charm of its alleyways surrounded by buildings with facades in shades of ochre and pink. Away from the port and its hustle and bustle, La Ponche has seduced many artists and writers.


The heart of the village is therefore a heterogeneous area which allows you to vibrate to the rhythm of the Tropezian music as well as to enjoy a peaceful daily life.


Ste Anne / Les Carles


The luxury properties that are concentrated in these areas mainly appeal for their proximity to the village. In about ten minutes by car, you can reach Tropezian institutions such as Club 55 and the beaches of Pampelonne.


Ste Anne and Les Carles are excellent choices if you are looking for a property nestled in a secure and quiet environment. It is not uncommon to find villas set in large private parks with stunning views of the sea on the horizon.


The Domaine des Parcs de Saint-Tropez


It is undeniably one of the most prized sectors of the whole French Riviera. Contemporary villas rub shoulders with typical Provencal bastides. The domain is mainly coveted by investors looking for luxury properties that combine large volumes, a high level of security and magnificent landscaped areas. Owners and occupants have access to private beaches and creeks and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.




The district bears its name very well as it overlooks the Mediterranean. By investing in Bellevue, also known as Route de Tahiti, you can enjoy an unobstructed sea view because the properties are located on the heights. What’s more, mythical beaches like Tahiti’s are accessible on foot.


The Capon


Perched on the heights of ‘Saint Trop’, the Capon is essentially made up of properties with vast landscaped gardens. It is therefore a popular area for those who wish to offer themselves a haven of peace in a prestigious neighbourhood. The village and beaches are easily accessible from the area.




A residential area, Valfère has an authentic charm which is the basis of its success. It is home to a wide range of contemporary villas overlooking the countryside and/or the sea. The village remains close and therefore easy to access.


Les Canoubiers / La Moutte / Les Salins


These areas mainly appeal to lovers of the beach and hiking. Indeed, the Sentier du Littoral (Coastal Path) partially covers this area where the sea is bordered by rocky cliffs, vegetation but also fine sand. It is therefore quite common to find properties with their feet in the water.


The umbrella pines provide a natural shady spot on most of the beaches, which also have the advantage of being protected from the Mistral wind.




Medieval village and authentic nature are concentrated in Gassin which is one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. With a surface area of 2,474 hectares, the village is home to 2,600 inhabitants.


The village of Gassin


It is in the heart of the perched village that the Androuno, which is the narrowest street in the world, can be found. At a certain point in the street, the passage is less than 30 cm wide, which is barely enough to allow the circulation of a pedestrian of fine to medium build.


The L’Hardy-Denonain garden, which opens onto Place Deï Barri, contains hundreds of typically Provencal and Mediterranean species. Covering an area of 2,500 m², it has been classified as a remarkable garden since 2009. The Deï Barri orientation table, which will be installed on the eponymous square in 2017, offers the best views of the Maures massif and the Bay of Cavalaire. Depending on which direction you choose to turn, you can look out over the vineyards, catch a glimpse of a watercourse or even the roofs of neighbouring buildings.

village saint tropez

Own a property in Saint Tropez and its surroundings.

The Chemin de la Villevieille, which leads to the heart of the village, is punctuated by buildings of historical interest such as the Brûlat mill. Archaeological research has revealed that the oldest mills in the commune are vestiges of the Roman period.


The medieval village of Gassin is also the gate of the Sarrazins located in the rue Saint-Laurent. In the past, it was the main access to the fort.


The properties in this area compete in character, echoing the picturesque character of Gassin.


Les Moulins de Paillas


The area is popular with nature lovers. Indeed, the properties available in this area have the advantage of offering a very beautiful view of the islands. In addition, forests are accessible a few kilometres away. A change of scenery and calm are therefore the main assets of the area.


Bertaud / Sinopolis


These sectors benefit from Gassin’s greatest urban advances. Luxury properties share a common advantage: the panoramic view. Saint-Tropez can be reached in just a few minutes’ drive from these residential areas that invite you to rest.


Minuty / La Rouillère


Many visitors come to Gassin for its oenological attractions. By opting for properties close to the wine estates on the La Rouillère and Minuty side, you can enjoy an exceptional environment. The presence of vineyards obliges, the setting gives pride of place to greenery and wide open spaces. The properties for sale perfectly match the prestige of the crus from the surrounding estates.


La Bouillabaisse


Located at the entrance to Saint-Tropez, the Bouillabaisse is highly sought after by buyers wishing to walk to the sea from their luxury residence. Lovers of fresh seafood will also be served as most restaurants make it their speciality.




Occupied by 2,100 inhabitants, Ramatuelle covers a beautiful area of 3,557 hectares. It offers magnificent real estate opportunities on the village and nature sides.


In the heart of the village of Ramatuelle


Nestling on the foothills of the Castellas Massif, the medieval village is full of hidden treasures that can be discovered at the end of the narrow streets and metal stairs…. The old prisons built under Napoleon III and the Notre-Dame church are part of the built heritage in the heart of the village of Ramatuelle.

The area is appreciated by lovers of exceptional panoramas.


L’Escalet / La Tourraque / La Quessine / Camarat


It is mainly the creeks that attract buyers to these sectors. They invite you to discover the seabed simply by being equipped with masks and snorkels. There is also the prospect of going for a kayak ride or simply enjoying the family beaches with your children.


The panorama is simply breathtaking. The natural spaces are authentic, sometimes wild, inviting you to savour a feeling of constant tranquillity.


Val de Rian


Very close to Saint-Tropez, the area is full of prestigious villas with landscaped gardens. The surrounding area features a pony club, boulodrome, supermarkets… for a practical daily life in a peaceful setting.


La Capilla


Luxury properties at La Capilla offer the advantage of privacy and security. The area is ideal if you dream of direct access to the beach and especially if you are looking for an upscale estate close to all amenities while remaining slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the big seaside resorts.


L’Oumède / Pascati


Residential and therefore perfectly quiet, L’Oumède and Pascati welcome you in an environment mainly dominated by pine forests. The natural setting is therefore conducive to rest, with the sea air being an invigorating ally that you will enjoy every day.


Val de Pons / Val des Tournels / Roumégou


Lovers of rural areas will be delighted. In these areas, the properties invite you to settle in farms that have been metamorphosed into upscale residences. The properties thus offer the possibility of enjoying vegetable gardens, stables and vast relaxation areas.


These areas also feature several prestigious flats for those who do not necessarily wish to invest in a villa.




Developed over the years in front of Saint-Tropez, Pampelonne is famous for its fine sandy beach which stretches over 4 km. There are many water sports activities available and many prestigious restaurants in the surrounding area. Nikki Beach, as well as Club 55 are notably close to Pampelonne. You can freely explore the seabed at your own pace, enjoy the music festivals or simply secluded in the secret coves just a stone’s throw away.


Saint-Tropez and its surroundings are characterised by a wide variety of atmospheres. The majority of the properties benefit from an environment that gives pride of place to tranquillity. As you will have noticed, this does not exclude dynamic areas or those close to the most lively places.

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